How to play

Create a League


Invite some friends or family to create your very own "League".
We are happy to pair you with some fans from our community as well in case you prefer that.

Build your team


Start building your own team by buying your favorite players from a virtual transfer market. Be fast. Within your League, there is only one Benzema or Sadio Mané.

Live Match day


Once your team is lined up, be ready for the LIVE MATCH DAY®. Your players will collect points for every single action on the pitch during the game. In real time. Live. Every second.

Players & Clubs

From Mane to Benzema and beyond. Only the real players play here. New leagues and clubs coming soon.


What others say

Kickbase is a crazy good

Love this app but it also drives me crazy. Like every game week is super exciting. The App is just great, fluid, clear and very well designed.

Kickbase is the best App

One of the best fantasy games. Easy to understand and fun to play. Especially if you play it with a bunch of friends. Makes really every game week worth watching.

My favorite app since 2017

Good, better, Kickbase! But beware, danger of addiction! It could well be that you'll soon be enjoying games that were considered boring in the past.